Do you know what’s crazy? That my first So Ji Sub drama was actually Master’s Sun. HOW DID I NOT WATCH THIS SMEXY MAN OVER AND OVER IN DRAMAS BEFORE THIS? That’s insanity.

Now Gong Hyo Jin on the other hand, I’ve seen her before. I like her work. I especially liked her in Pasta, where she played a chef who.. cooked pasta. ☺ There’s something about her as an actress to me. Gong Hyo Jin reminds a little bit of Drew Barrymore. As an actress she’s pretty, but she’s not outrageously beautiful. She does a lot of romantic sitcom style dramas, particularly modern ones. And her characters I usually kid of quirky, kind of like Drew Barrymore. But she plays them perfectly, and because of this she has some of the best leading men to work with.

I gotta say though, that my favorite drama that she’s been in is the Master’s Sun. It was such a fun concept, a girl that can see ghosts that all go away when she touches the body of the magical So Ji Sub. It was unlike any other drama that I can really think of out of Korea, the most similar one being Chilling Romance.

Overall it was my favorite drama (and yours!) of 2013, although I Hear Your Voice upon further review came in a close second. If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend it. It’s basically a must see Kdrama. Yup. It is. ☺

Angel Eyes Previewed:

  • MysteryMel

    Masters Sun hands down showed the young stars what a ‘kiss’ looks like & not just once! SJS portrayed so much though eyes, hands, & his quietness about romance & love creating crazy chemistry with GHJ. Sadly, many of the awards this show is overlooked, due to the average age of the actors is 30+. GHJ has an acting chemistry to pull the best out of her ‘smexy’ leading men. For me Master Sun & Biscuit Teacher are her most favorite works – she is an actress (not singer turned actress) and SJS is just… Yummy!