Guess who’s back? TOAD is back! After a week off for a crazy week of homework and video making other bitz and pieces, I FINALLY got around to making another TOAD! And this week’s drama that I’m reviewing is my current favorite “IT” drama, The Master’s Sun. Let’s just say I’m completely addicted to this one.
Despite all of your recommendations I got a delayed start on this drama. I think there were about 9 or 10 episodes out by the time I finally got around to watching the first one. I’ve been in kind of a Korean drama dry spell, where I just can’t bring myself to sit down and watch Korean dramas. I think it’s because I’ve stretched myself a bit this past year and have watched more Korean dramas than I ever have in the past – and I was definitely starting to feel the effects.


But all that’s over and I’m back on the Korean drama Hallyu wave. I have you guys and my Monday morning professor to thank for that. Seriously, guys I’m not joking! We were doing first day of class introductions. And the last thing my professor really said in her introduction was “In my free time I like to watch dramas. So Ji Sub is one of my favorite actors so I like to watch his drama.” Immediately my mind started reeling with an “OH SNAP!! She’s watching the Master’s Sun!” I was sitting in the front row and got called on to introduce myself next. Hi guys, I’m Stephanie… Something interesting about me is that I run a YouTube channel with my husband where I talk about Asian Dramas and Life in Korea. Needless to say, it piqued my prof’s interest and I knew I had to watch this drama.

Guys, I started watching this one apprehensively because I HATE scary stuff. I can’t deal with it and end up even pacing in high action movies. But this drama has me hooked in and I’m not letting go until it finishes. What an awesome drama this has turned out to be. I’m sure that writing an episodic drama has got to be a bit easier as each time you’re telling a different story and somehow creating an overarching storyline that weaves into the individual stories – but that’s like 21 stories all put into one drama! It’s also got some great wit which helps keep me interested and the ghosts more than being scary actually add some comic relief, like the ghost who drinks coffee. I would say more, but I’ll leave it to you to watch it yourself. This drama is awesome – your arguments are invalid. Go watch it!

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    I heard that they are stopping it at 16 episodes which I don’t understand!!!! It really upsets me. I absolutely <3 this show. It is the one I get most excited about each week and of course "Good Doctor". Also, where is the poll? I can't seem to find it. :(

  • Leti

    I hate scary things too, but I like So Ji Sub a lot, I think he’s the most sexy korean actor, so… you conviced me, I’m going to watch this drama!!! 😉

  • Heidi Lyon

    I’m so glad you love this drama! I think it may well take over my #1 spot of favs. I would have said Hong Gil Dong would have been my favorite Hong Sisters until this one… it’s been an amazing, hysterical roller coaster ride! The puns, the metaphores, and the visual cues are just not to be outdone.