This may seem strange, but McDonald’s is expanding rapidly in Korea. It is sort of unbelievable. Just around our area 3 new Mcdonald’s restaurants have opened in the past 6 months. We think this can be attributed to several factors, including how fast paced life is here. I decided to try out Mcdonald’s breakfast for only the second time EVER since living here. Hope you guyz enjoy. ^^

Yesterday’s Video – Heated Korean Sidewalks

  • Karen Shortell

    The egg potato wraps looked pretty good, but has an excess of carbs. I am so sorry that Steph is sick. I hope she is feeling well enough to complete all her work, and to enjoy your Christmas. You sure take good care of her, Richard.

    • hallyuback

      You’re too nice! Thanks for all your comments. If you’re ever in Roch. area once we are back do let us know :)