It took me a long time to watch Meteor Garden.  In fact creating this 3Some was one of my main excuses to finally turn back the clock, do my Asian drama homework, and watch it.

And when I did, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is for just how old of a drama it is.  I’ve been a fan of Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, and Jerry Yan for years, but it was so entertaining seeing them in their early acting careers.

One of my favorite characters that really caught me by surprise in this one was Vanness Wu.  I had no idea before watching this that he actually grew up in California.  There’s a part in episode 1 where he speaks a bunch of English, and when I heard him speak, it caught me off guard and shocked me.  Too me, he kinda sounded like Brad Pitt when he was younger.  And combined with his Cali swagger made me love him all the more.

One of the over-arching things that I liked about this drama was the realistic nature of it all.  For a story that is so often over the top, fictional and fantasy (see ‘Boys Over Flowers’), parts of this one were just really relatable.  And I thought that was really cool.

So after watching and recording and the first episode, I proceeded to watch the entire series.  It’s a little long for my tastes, but I was overall really pleased with the first season.

Happy Drama Watching!