Holy cow was I unprepared for this drama! And I completely intended to make that pun. Perhaps I’ll be able to throw a few more in here, but then again it’s not like you’re egging me on to do so. Or maybe you are! Lol! Ok, anywho the only thing I really knew about this drama is that it had rock stars who went by the group name EXO and the boys who made up said band. That the name was the same as the super popular Korean boy band made some people so red-hot that gochu looked bland.. but in the first episode they already had made a joke about it that left Lee Hong Ki beaten up and walking away literally with a bag of peppers! If that doesn’t satisfy the anger then you can just count yourself in with the crazy over-the-top mean fan girls that beat up LHK’s character in the first place.. don’t be that crazed fan..

So these guys have an awesome rock band with even better rock star hair (how many Korean people have you seen with dreads?.. they don’t happen often!) whose band broke up when I’m assuming rock out of pop-ularity.. get it? K-pop is the POPular music now? Oh Steph, stahp! Continuing on, life hasn’t been easy for any of them, quite rocky actually, but they’re plowing ahead. And then, Lee Hong Ki’s character finds out he’s a cabbage patch kid! Or rather, his dead grandmother said “Here’s a cabbage patch.. kid!” when she left him her plot of land. The problem is, he can’t do it alone, so together they’ve got to raise up some little brussel sprouts into big daddy cabbages. And so hilarity and chaos will ensue as these boys get down and dirty on the farm and in turn try to turn their patch of dirt into a pot of golden kimchi at the end of the rainbow! I loved the first episode, and look forward to watching these cabbage patch kids – overalls and all!

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  • Karen Shortell

    I did give up during the first half of the first episode. You talked me into trying it again.