Another Flower Boy Korean drama, YAY!!!

I was excited when I decided to review this one because, generally speaking, I like the flower boy series. I loved Shut Up Flower Boy Band and figured this one couldn’t be too different. I hate to say it but I was wrong. Dead wrong.

This episode 1 set up what I consider to be a good drama, even though when I continued to watch (as I so often do when I researching TOADs) I was less impressed.

There were a few reasons for this, but mainly the story was fluff. I like fluff, I do. I like to watch dramas don’t I? haha Seriously though, obviously stories written for dramas are ficticious and are written so people like you and I watch and think ‘oh man, life in Korea is so elegant and romantic and I envy everyone who lives there.’ But this one had too much of that.

It starts off with a girl who looks out her window at a guy she is in love with but has never met. She follows his every move while he’s in her apartment, and even mimics him. That’s fine and all with me, and for episode 1 even creates a bit of intrigue. But as the episodes wore on, the characters didn’t have enough depth as many episodes as it was. It’s just too bad that was the case.

Do I recommend this one? For people with my taste, no. But if you love the Flower Boy Korean drama series go for it! Episode 1 was good, and you may find you like it. ☺

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