WHAT A DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET!! This has to be one of the biggest accomplishments of my life!

I missed my undergraduate graduation ceremony because I came to Korea early. So this day was even more special. Being able to wear the cap and gown and be part of the action on campus was an experience I’ll never forget. I worked super hard (as many of you saw in daily vlogs that date back to last September), and there were times when I thought I just wouldn’t be able to graduate on time. My thesis nearly killed me, and made me super sick at one point. It wasn’t fun. But I persevered. And now it’s all worth it.

In a way, I couldn’t have done it without you guyz. There were so many days throughout November and December when your comments encouraged me to write one more sentence and just keep working. Eventually it all got written, and re-written, and re-written again. And then it got approved and bound. And that was amazing.

So thank you everyone for the wonderful well wishes these last few months. I can’t thank you all enough from the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday’s Video – Emotional Goodbyes

  • Tri Pham

    good luck with your new life in the US step and richard!

    • hallyuback

      Thank you!

  • Karen Shortell

    Congratulations, Steph. You should be really proud after all that work. ARe you going to teach in NYS? What a beautiful place for your graduation. By the way, what was in that pineapple drink besides pineapple and water? It looked really delicious.

    • hallyuback

      Thank you! There was alcohol mixed in.. I’m pretty sure it was soju. It had a sneaky kick.. the kind where it only tastes amazing and you don’t realize that you’re drinking. >.<

    • Kathy Wentzel

      I was about to ask that same question. That pineapple drink looked amazing! I’ll have to try that at home!