This question comes from a Mom who wants her son to become a Korean drama star. We actually get asked fairly often about how to come to Korea or how to work in Korea. Truthfully, it’s really tough to answer those questions properly! We both believe that everyone has to create their own journey and seek out their own answers to in order to find out what’s best for them. Kind of reminds me of the vibe of the Korean Drama My Lovely Girl in that Rain tells Krystal’s character that if she really wants to be a songwriter, she really has to focus on being a songwriter, work hard for it, not get distracted by what others want or think, and find her own voice.

Couple things that weren’t clear in the question, and something we didn’t ACTUALLY question ourselves in the video was 1) How old is he? and 2) Does he want to be a drama star or is this just mom’s dream?

I think the biggest thing we came up with in talking this out on the video was that is this actually possible? The answer is YES, anything is possible. If all the factors that are necessary to become a hit actor in Korea come together properly, by all means we believe it’s definitely possible for a Filipino man to become a big Korean drama actor. One thing to consider is how much does said person actually want it? How far are you willing to go? How hard are you going to work to obtain that? And, are you going to be okay if that door doesn’t open no matter how hard you try?

You can be the most beautiful person with talent thru the roof and have everything going for it, but that doesn’t mean you will get into entertainment. Unlike many jobs out there, it’s one that is highly sought after by many people, and only a select few actually ever get to do it. The sad truth is, those who do need to have a big break.

For everyone, that big break is something different. Maybe they are discovered by some famous producer or talent scout. Maybe they make a video on YouTube and it goes viral. Maybe, they come from a family that is already in the business and got their break when they were born. Or, maybe they spent a crap ton of money to try and meet the right people and get into the right programs.

Regardless, being a Korean entertainer is no joke. It’s actually a pretty difficult life. Korean drama actors have extremely long day shoots, lots of time things are done last minute, and the shoots I know take precedence or everything else, including personal health in some cases. As we saw with It’s Okay That’s Love, Gong Hyo Jin put off physical therapy to finish filming her drama even though she really could have used it. And that’s just one example.

I guess my thing is that it’s easy to look at the people on the screen and think ‘Aww I really want to do that’ or for someone to want their child to be famous. I grew up with a mother who always told me that someday I’m gonna be a famous singer on stage. I actually grew to resent that. And, it’s only after finding myself in adulthood that I’ve discovered a platform that suits me and that I want to pursue because I enjoy it.

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