Ever since You Who Came From The Stars started, I’ve been getting requests to give my opinion on it. Now that it’s said and done, those requests believe it or not have actually increased. And.. well….. I’ve watched the entire drama, so I thought ‘Why not’?!?


Since I’ve begun using Tumblr for Hallyu back, I’ve been posting mostly photos of dramas I’ve been watching or interested. Therefore to make this video I’ve put the two together.

In the beginning neither Richard nor I liked Jeon Ji Hyun’s character. But, I knew that I needed to keep watching. She hadn’t done a drama since 1999 so I was pretty sure she was going to develop her character well.

The one aspect I WAS sold on from the beginning was Kim Soo Hyun as the alien. OMG the man is super smexy and plays suave and sophisticated like no other. He’s seriously portrayed a 400 year old alien more convincingly than probably any other actor could have possibly done. If this is not his shot straight up to the A-list, then I don’t know what will be. Look out Lee Min Ho!

But seriously guyz, if you haven’t seen this drama yet, I’d give it serious consideration. It’s made huge waves throughout Asia. This drama has sold makeup, clothes, and even launched a big chicken and beer fad in China. It’s that good. What other drama do you know that’s changed the everyday world quite so much?


  • brandon lawrence


    • hallyuback

      Most people agree with you! ^^

  • Almia Ramos

    An excellent and well maintained production, excellent performance of the characters, refreshing story, I think therein lies its success and yes …. even I in the other side of the world am I drinking beer and eating fried chicken. Je, je. Thanks for all your hard and good work. =)

    • hallyuback

      I think beer and chicken are universally enjoyed everywhere LOL I agree with you! ^^

  • Meriem

    I’m so nostalgic right now!!! I don’t now how to spend my weekends now??? I searched for another k-drama to make up for “Who You Came From The Stars” and I chose the sadest from last year “I Miss You”, but it didn’t come close to making me cry like Do MinJoon did!!!

    The end was “P E R F E C T”!!! I was trying to imagine the best case scenario at ep19, and I wasn’t even close to this. It wasn’t that sad, it was happy enough to satisfy me. And it made me wait for Do MinJoon too to come back after it ended! And I’m still waiting… That feeling didn’t quite leave me till this moment… I don’t know when it will fade away eventually!

    Sure this drama wouldn’t be that good if it wasn’t for Kim SooHyun. He made it a thousand, no a million times better. You know what’s funny??? I wasn’t really a fan of his! Actually, I didn’t even see Dream High, because I didn’t like him then! Weird, hun?!

    Now, I’m totally IN LOVE WITH HIM!!! He just won my heart with his looks in the drama (I loved his fashion style), but mostly for his acting… Gosh, he’s SOOO talented!!! He made me smile, laugh and cry… Ooh and that crying scene when he was asked “Now that you’re soon leaving, how do you feel?”, oooh, I was heart broken…

    And like you said, this drama made Kim SooHyun rise to the TOP! For me, he definitely took Lee MinHo’s place. Sorry Lee MinHo, but you were just crushed by Kim SooHyun… You have to do a lot better to ketch up with him, ’cause from now on, He’s taking the lead!

    Well, if I continue, I won’t stop… I could stay up all night and talk about how much I LOVED this drama. It’s the BEST EVER!!! Do MinJoon and Chan SungYi made me live with them the hole thing… Unbelievable!

    I will impatiently wait for the next work of Kim SooHyun. I just watched he’s last movie “The Thieves” and I loved it, even if he wasn’t a mean actor. I will also see “The Moon That Embraces The Sun” and of course “Dream High”… It’s never too late :p

    And thank you +HallyuBack for your reviews, I enjoy watching you all the time. And please, keep us updated as always about the best dramas of the moment.

    • hallyuback

      WOW really long comment! Yea, that ending was pretty good, I was definitely pleased with it. Glad you liked it so much! And you’re welcome for the videos/reviews I do. I enjoy it and like it even more when fans like you tell me you enjoy watching it! Can’t do it with you!! :))

  • Karen Shortell

    Both My Love from another Star and I Need Romance 3 left me with warm, fuzzy feelings. It was so nice to be perfectly satisfied with the ending of 2 dramas in one week. I am watching The Hours of My Life now. It is an excellent drama but I am actually glad that I only get one episode a week. The story is so realistic in the progress of his disease, that I don’t think I could emotionally handle more than one a week. It is beautiful and inspirational, but oh so sad.

    • hallyuback

      That’s why I haven’t even begun that drama yet. I think I’m gonna wait until the weather warms up and everything feels a little bit happier outside to start it. Thanks for the heads up Karen! ^^

  • Guest

    I loved the last episode, i was so glad that it wasn’t all wrapped up in a nice neat happe

  • Melinda Lipinski

    I loved the ending of this show, I thought wrapping it up in a nice neat happy ending package would have ruined it.