What girl doesn’t like to pamper herself? Don’t we all? One of my favorite stores to head to for its’ enormous amount of variety of beauty and body products is Olive Young. This store is pretty popular and while it doesn’t really have much along the line of pharmaceuticals it reminds me of a Walgreens or CVS if I had to relate it to a store like I grew up with back in the USA. I’m not sponsored by them by any means, but I do buy a lot of stuff there on a regular basis so if an Olive Young representative wanted to contact me.. ^.~

For the ladies’ knowledge I will say it is one of the few stores that I’ve found that has a great variety of feminine hygiene products specifically (ahem) tampons. Guys if you’re reading this you may want to skip down to the next paragraph. Ok ladies, typically in Korea it’s easy to find pads (sanitary napkins). They’ve got a wide variety of them (albeit not in English) that cover any and all needs that you may have. Tampons are not the same. Generally in a modern chain corner store you will find them lurking, but you’ll only find one brand – a tiny green box called simply Tampon. Needless to say these are the first tampons that I really found in Korea (back in the day when I filled the extra space in my suitcase with them) and Korean made by a country who was new to this area of feminine hygiene. We’ll just day they do the job in a pinch, but they’re not the best. You may find another kind or two in your megastores such as E-Mart and HomePlus, but I’ve found my best selection at Olive Young. To be specific I’ve found Tampax Pearl and Playtex Gentle Glide. Super helpful and handy to find out!

Ok guys, while I can’t say that the rest of this will be all that fascinating, some regular purchases that I make there are the basics – hair products, shampoo, face wash, deodorant, lotion, BB Cream and fun makeup that I find. It’s got great selections of products by Nivea, Neutrogena, Burt’s Bees, Johnson and Johnson, Dr. Bronner’s, Organix, L’Oreal, Maybelline, Clean and Clear, Pantene ProV, etc.. Did I mention it’s got a great international selection on body care products? Anyways I love the store’s selection more than my local megastore for basics. So, I wanted to make a video highlighting this store and in the process have an excuse to make a shopping trip and buy a few things. I tried to keep the selection of things I bought totally Korean by avoiding things I knew specifically weren’t Korean and choosing things with Korean written on the actual package (many things are stickered with a Korean label). Additionally, everything had to be something I would actually continue to use because I had to mentally justify spending the money – and believe me I could waste plenty of money on face minimizing rollers and finger boo-boo condoms which they also have. I actually failed my challenge, as a few things turned out to actually be Japanese or Australian but hey, I tried!

Here’s a list of what I bought:

GATSBY Ultimate Freeze Type Styling Spray – 6,500 won
GATSBY Moving Rubber Spiky Edge (mini) – 3,500
CLIO Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini HD Color Edition – 14,000 won
CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow (2 Soft Brown) – 14,000 won
CLIO Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip (12 Myung) – 11,200 won
Peripera Peri’s Tint Jelly (6 Sky Stick) – 7,200 won
Adwel ProPoCandy (Menthol & Honey Flavor) – 3,000 won
Olive Young Cleansing Tool – 2,500 won
Olive Young To Present a Gloomy Nature (sad bear) – 2,600 won
Skin Benefits Green Collagen (Extra Strength Version) – 6,900 won
MEDIHEAL Placenta Revital Essential Mask – 1,600 won

So after filming I realized that I had bought and filmed 11 things instead of 10. I never said I was an excellent Mathematician! I’m proud to say though that shortly after filming Richard and I each had a glass of sad bear tea which was delicious! Richard has been using the GATSBY Spiky Edge to prepare for class and I think he’s quite the handsome prof. I’ve fallen in love with the CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow as it is the perfect shade and super quick. I don’t like the Gelpresso liners not as much as I thought; I had a hard time washing them off. The Peri’s Sky Stick is pretty awesome though and I’ve worn it to class. ^^