I’ve seen No Min Woo in so many different types of roles and characters, from musicians to supernatural to spoiled horny rich boy, that he’s proven himself to be able to play all types of characters. So, ever chance I get to see No Min Woo star in a drama I usually check it out!

When I found out he was coming out with a melodrama this spring, I was instantly intrigued because he doesn’t typically choose melodrama roles. Can’t say I’m 100% impressed with the behind the scenes shots thus far, but I’m really excited to start watching this one because I’d like to see him in a more simplier storyline.. Something more mainstream if you will.

What about you guyz? Are you a No Min Woo fan? How does this one stack up on your list of must check out dramas? :)

Top 5 New Korean Dramas March 2015 – Top 5 Fridays

  • Kelly Rowalnd

    How do you get up to date dramas?? Between Hulu, Netflix and DramaFever it seems like I have to wait months to a year.

    • Sarah Jorgenson

      Try viki.com or myasiantv.com as well. You’ll probably have to use the computer for these two sites. I think viki.com can be downloaded on phones or tablets as an app, but doesn’t streams to tv with Roku or any other internet streaming device that connects to the tv.

  • Macarons & Sakura Tea

    OK. I just wanna say, the waiting is killing me. I hope it’s April 10 already. Kidding aside, I think NMW is perfect for the role. I can’t wait to see my beautiful, romantic and adorable flower boy.