It’s official! Classes in Korea have started to wrap up for the semester. I only have 3 more Syntax classes ever! You have no idea how exciting that is – that class is a beast! In order to keep motivated and ready to attack the next batch of homework, I’ve started a drama rewards system for myself to keep myself motivated and on top of my work. The first of my reward dramas for this month is Nail Shop Paris.

This drama for me at this point in time seems that It’s definitely going to be a guilty pleasure. I’m only one episode in, but I plan on watching the next episode and probably the one after that. There’s just a few too many “pleasures” to not give in and indulge to. The cute guys, the pretty lead actress, the nail art.. There’s also something terribly entertaining about girls trying to play a guy and failing miserably time and again. Sure it’s been done so many times it’s old – but I’ve also seen it so many times that I can relate it to other cross-dressing dramas that I love, such as You’re Beautiful and Coffee Prince. Not everyone can play the role in a convincing manner (Sulli in To the Beautiful You) but I find it helps me weed out those with true acting starpower!

Park Gyulee I gotta admit looks way better with the long hair. Girl is too dang pretty to be a boy, and with her long hair is drop dead gorgeous. But, we’ll see how this one plays out in due time because she seems to have some sort of edge to her character – despite being completely girly in the beginning (but that’s the script/directing there).

What I’m really impressed by more than anything at this point are the actors. Jun Ji-Hoo seems like he’s going to be strong, and they portray him as some knight in shining armor who’s kryptonite is that he doesn’t have taste buds (seriously, who doesn’t know they’re drinking glue? Coffee cup ain’t fooling me that’s for sure!) I’m really liking Song Jae Rim and Cheon Dung’s characters though. You can’t miss either of them – they gave Cheon Dung terrible orangey blonde hair but he’s rocking it and making it work. If anything it’s making him stand out and become more memorable. And Song Jae Rim, I’m really digging your facial hair. It’s something I haven’t seen a lot – but I hope you get more Korean guys to rock it – the mustache must make a comeback – like a sir!

Have you seen this drama? What do you think?