I got to admit; I’ve seen a lot more of Naeildo Cantabile or Tomorrow’s Cantabile since I did this review. To put it simply you guys I love this Korean drama. I know that there have been some issues out there in the drama community about it being not as good as the Japanese version. Frankly, it’s been so long since I saw the Japanese version that I can put a distance between the two versions in my mind. I’m not trying really to compare the two. That being said, I love this version!

My only issue with this drama that really bugs me at all is something that happened in episode 7, which I hadn’t seen when I did this review. And that is the choice to use the song Mambo instead of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. In part because Mambo already is known for its crazy antics and getting the orchestra going and the choice of Pianica’s and crazy costuming in Rhapsody in Blue is more of a unique development. The other bigger reason though is it’s just one of my all-time favorite scenes in the original and one of my favorite anime turned live action drama moments in dramaland. So, I’m sad but I’m also biased. Otherwise I love the show though!

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    ohh thank GOD someone else loving it it’s awesome happy :) it’s really too cute to drop or pass steph i was chocked when i red the negative comment lool i thought i was weird thanks for the review 😀