OMG OMG OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s my first EVER yellow umbrella you guys!

I’ve always wanted one, and have intended on getting one since I started reviewing dramas. Heck, I even painted one into one of my paintings not too far back. It has been a dream of mine that I have never fulfilled.. mainly because our house is already filled with umbrellas that work perfectly fine. That, and most places that sell umbrellas just don’t have yellow ones for sale readily. But they should!

I never thought this would happen the way it did. Our main goal with this video was to bring our camera to Seoul with us, letting you guys in on how we travel into Seoul on a regular basis. We had a wine party to attend later in the evening that day, and needed to bring wine to the party. We were heading into Namdaemun to buy wine for the party, and stock up on a bit of liquor for the Chusok holiday. (Which, by the way is today!)

After we bought the booze, the light rain had descended upon Seoul, and natural instincts took over after that! Heck, there is only one kind of recognizable umbrella in all of Korean dramas, so how could I not identify my natural instincts?!?!!

We started hunting around the humongous market for a place that sold umbrellas, but this as we found out, was not easy. We actually searched around for a place a lot longer than the video lets on before we stumbled upon a shop selling the goods I desired. The yellow umbrella I purchased only ended up costing 5,000 Won (about $5 US) and if you ask me that’s a bargain.

Richard and I both believe this video (along with future videos if you guys are interested) gives lots of insight into what Korea looks like and might be like to live in without us stopping to explain every last detail of it all. Instead, it’s the indirect information that is sometimes just as valuable as the direct. For instance, there was only one train into Seoul for the next 30-40 min. or so when we arrived at Suwon Station, our home base for traveling the public transportation anywhere. So, we had to go running for it as you can see in the beginning of the video. We weren’t in a hurry really, but if we wanted to make sure we got to the wine party at the time we were invited to show up, making that train in under 2 minutes is a necessity. It’s little things such as this that would never happen if we took the time to just film all day instead of taking you with us during our daily life.

We sure hope you enjoyed this video! Let us know what other sorts of daily life activities you would like to see, and we may just bring the camera along with us!