One of the most ALL TIME POPULAR actors in Korean dramas is back in the news, this time with his new movie coming out Gangnam Blues.

There was a delay in the release of it, but now that things seem to be back on track Mr. Lee Min Ho is appearing to promote it more frequently. That is sure to get a lot of people in Kdrama world excited because, unless you live in Korea and see his face plastered everywhere advertising everything from designer watches to coffee, you didn’t see a whole lot of Lee Min Ho in 2014 because he didn’t make a drama this year. Now there’s speculation he may enter the military next year, and so we discuss here on HallyuBack News.

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  • Karen Shortell

    I think it was your video that had the guy that served in a preschool for his entire 2 years. I am sure theyu can find something for G Dragon to do.

    • hallyuback

      Haha true. I have to admit though, while I understand the need for him to go, I think he’d be better used in promoting Korea some way than hidden in some office or out in the countryside for 2 years.

  • ann

    I have watched the video about lee minho entering the military this year, i may not be a korean but i agree that he should but then this has nothing to do with him being an actor. If he would be given the privelege not to go there, it would not make him a less person nor a lousy actor. Don’t judge him just because he is doing well than any other actors. I just felt so bad when the female host of hallyuback making comments about lee minho, she should have delivered her statement objectively. Obviously, i love him deeply and i believe in his ability as a model and as an actor. If in some point she could not appreciate lee minho, criticize him in a way that the audience would take it positively. It might create a bad impact to his personality and could ruin positive outlook in life of other people seeing him as their idol. The show does not cater only passive viewers and people perceive messages distinctively so please be more careful with the things you’re saying, be professional and you should know how you would be able to communicate with your audience effectively.

    • hallyuback

      Thank you for your opinion. Differing opinions are important for a healthy discussion and I know that I can’t always be right. I certainly won’t be in everybody’s eyes. I suppose I’m not worried about Lee Min Ho losing fans because he has such a STRONG and HUGE fan base.

  • jenevieve pilar

    if your not gonna say something good to him.. shut your mouth up..

    • hallyuback

      I’m sorry that you feel I’m not entitled to vocalize my opinion. And if I had to talk TO him I likely would keep my mouth shut or tell him that like him I’m not a fan of all of his work (HE doesn’t like BOF for example) but really did appreciate his characters in Faith and Personal Preference.

  • Britney richards

    I have a question about lee him ho and park shye whatever, but are they doing a new movie or something for this year cause I been waiting for a year and all, if their movie I kept on repeating all of their movies…☺ I Iust want a new updates…

    • hallyuback

      Considering his movie just came out and she just finished Pinocchio recently, they haven’t announced any specific plans, but hints have been dropped. I will keep you all posted as I find out!

      • Britney richards

        Then you may be in the future, I will see you somewhere in Korea or here .And congratulations..

  • bluebird

    Will LEE MIN HO push thru with making movie opposite actress/concert queen SARAH GERONIMO of the Philippines?

    • jes

      i wish it was kim chiu and min ho,it would be a huge hit