Oh my gosh, making this video was brutal. We had just stepped off of a very rolling boat to land on the docks in Koh Samui. I typically never get motion sickness, but I was totally seasick for once, and being on dry ground still wasn’t helping. But, we hadn’t eaten in hours and as we landed late, we weren’t likely to get food once we left the docks. Besides, Rick had been trying to show me a market since we first got to Thailand only to find the markets in our previous destinations closed. And so, seasick or not – we explored the night market.

We had actually made a sort of game of it. I allowed myself for the challenge 100 baht, basically the equivalent of about $3.00 USD, which isn’t likely to feed one person in the US, let alone two. My goal was simple, look around the market and buy something edible for as little money as possible. And look I did. I think I made two rounds around that market trying to get my land legs and find something that wouldn’t try to come back up if I ate it. Because of this, seafood was definitely out though there was some amazing looking grilled fish and sushi (which we ended up getting for later anyways). Also, the local soups which looked really appealing to me were 80 baht a piece and therefore not in my price range – thinking back, as sick as I was I should have totally gone for it anyways – but I didn’t.

Instead I ended up with… well, watch the video and see what I ended up with. The hubby while being good-natured about it I think was a bit disappointed initially, but it definitely had a Thai flavor to it unlike any that I’d had before, was soo delicious and exactly what I needed!