Hey guyz! So last week over the Chuseok holiday I had some time to catch up on some Korean dramas I’ve really wanted to see, and one of the first of these that I just had to watch was Night Watchman’s Journal. I’d be watching it right now as I write this blog but I’m rewatching episodes of Liar Game, which I hope to make another review about before the Korean Version comes out next month. And so, that’s for another time..

Back to Night Watchman’s Journal. .. And Korean dramas that have sci-fi elements are definitely must sees or at least must check outs. This one I knew would have ghost elements and sorcerers and night watchmen. The idea of Night Watchman actually reminded me of some of my favorite anime – Hellsing and Vampire Knight (I know that there are plenty of others but those are the first two that come to mind). So I knew I had to check it out. So far, I’m not really all that disappointed. I didn’t expect an out of this world amazing drama – but they are certainly putting some great production into this one regardless. The CGI in the first episodes alone is enough to make me go wow. I know I keep saying it, but the first time I’ve seen a dragon in a Korean drama. Considering they are all over Korean fortresses and palaces I’d say that’s something pretty positive going for it right there! Add in some Jung Il Woo that deservedly gets a ton of love and pair him with some U Know Yun Ho for some bromance bickering and some feisty ladies played by the fantabulous Ko Seung Hee bringing a bit of liveliness and Kim Sung Oh who I absolutely loved in Inspiring Generation and this makes for a fun drama for me! If I get a little behind it’s not a big deal, but regardless I’m going to enjoy it!

Have you checked this one out? What are your thoughts on it?

Happy Drama Watching! :)


  • Arthea Emory

    Her dress…very Princess Mononoke. I do love the dramas that give me the three musketeer grouping with the two guys and a girl…because while they both care for her…neither one seems inclined to make the first move. WHICH I LOVE!!! Because even though there’s an underlying hint at romance with either the prince or the guard…they are still all friends!
    GRRRRAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! YOU DID IT TO ME AGAIN!!! *sigh* working with context clues…working with context clues…*sniff sniff* I’m hoping it’s Heirs…it’s either that or Faith…but I don’t think you had that haircut for Faith…THIS IS A NEW GAME!!! Guess the Kdrama!
    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!