What would you do if you only had 6 months to live?

Would you go after that coworker that you’ve always connected with – but could never really work up the courage to make a move? Would you take a trip to the Himalayas? Say exactly what you’ve always wanted to say on camera with millions or at least thousands of people watching? Quit your job and pursue what you’ve always wanted to? That’s what the guy in Nine: Nine Time Travels did.

I asked myself this very same question several years ago when I realized that my mom only had a few months left to live. What would I do in her shoes? Though really it ended up being more of a – what am I going to do knowing that someone I love is living on borrowed time.

But really, aren’t we all living on borrowed time? This situation again came up as I was talking to my family about recent world events – that North Korea was threatening to bomb South Korea and we were all faced with what are you going to do? Thankfully there was no bombing, but there’s many around the world who do face the very real possibility of bombs – waking up each day not knowing if today or tomorrow is your last.

I find in my own experience that it’s in times like these that you take the time to hold your temper when you’re upset about something, that for some reason the sky seems bluer and you notice all of the little things in life that you overlook. You take the time to tell people that you love them – because that time just may be your last. And yet, you also have to just keep on living.

It’s something I think we should all think about – because life is just that – life. We get caught up in the “I have to” and “I need”. We forget to stop, enjoy life and love the people around us. It’s something I think we should all do more often. You never know when the clock will stop.

My last conversation with my mom took place as I was getting ready to go back to school for my Tuesday-Thursday classes. I had a two-hour drive ahead of me that I wasn’t looking forward to, and I was running late. I didn’t really want to leave and mom had just climbed up the stairs without my help (which she was supposed to get). I’m glad she got my attention that day and that I had to stop whatever I was doing to help her back downstairs, to get her settled and have a little chat before I dashed out to the car. I’m glad I kissed her goodbye and told her that I loved her.

You never know how much those little things mean until they’re gone.


  • Sophie Galamez

    thank you for your review Steph, and touching words about your mum ^.^

    • hallyuback

      thank you! <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/majda.aziz.1 Majda Aziz

    i always wondered what do you mean by 3some? but as always awsome toad

    • hallyuback

      I review dramas that have something similar (storyline, theme, etc) in sets of 3 – thus the 3some. ^^

  • Grace Montemayor Terrado

    Hiiii Steph I like your hair with purple color in front HAHAHA. I haven’t watch this nine. I VOTE for Mickey :)))

    • hallyuback

      You can’t beat Mickey! ^^

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    I was really moved by your blog. It is so true. We are so caught up in life that we don’t take enough time to really enjoy it and smell the roses you could say. So definitely some good advice. Now about the drama. I haven’t started watching this one yet either…LOL! I love the actor who plays in it and I just don’t know. I’ve been holding back on several. Maybe because I want to wait until they are finished. I don’t know. But I will definitely watch it soon. I have a list. That list just keeps growing. Another great video. Btw…I have purple in my hair to and some light pinkish-purple. The first time I have ever done color and I love it. Next time I think I’m going to do some teal or something along those lines. We shall see. Love your hair. Purple is my fave color. :)

    • Kambria Sturgeon

      Also, I totally agree about not adding Lee Min Ho because he would have definitely came out the winner and I do like Lee Jin Wook but I think I will have to go with Micky Yoochun since it is between those two. You know who you should have added in place of Lee Min Ho, Ji Hyun Woo from Queen In Hyun’s Man, because I thought he did an awesome job in that drama. He did his character justice and was an awesome time traveler. It sucks that he is serving right now but hopefully he will be back soon to act in more dramas in the future. He just kinda grew on me. :)

      • hallyuback

        Thanks for your thoughtful comments! Making a drama list can be dangerous – it keeps growing and never stops – but is really helpful when trying to remember what you’ve watched in the past.
        Always hate it when the drama oppas become military oppas. Hurry back guyz!

        • Kambria Sturgeon

          I hate it to and it seems several are serving right now. I heard Rain is about to get out really soon. :)