I love summer! We’ve just had a couple of days of low temperatures but it’s starting to turn around, the sun is shining and romance is in the air! I can’t believe that we’ve already had half of the year pass by, and I’m now starting to look ahead for new dramas coming out in the second half of the year.

One of which I’m super stoked for is Oh My Ghost. It stars Cho Jung Seok whom I loved in King2Hearts as a chef.. A handsome guy playing a man who makes delicious and amazing looking food. Who doesn’t love an attractive man who can cook? Seriously? It also stars Park Bo Young who is having a fantastic year in the entertainment world! She’s been in 3 movies this year – The Silenced, Mutant, and Passion Like You’re Sound And (this title reminds me of so many bad English shirts I saw it Korea that I find it endearing) and now this drama!

But really, after doing more research I’m most excited for Kim Seul Gi playing the outgoing and horny ghost. While I’ve yet to see her having a lead role, she’s quickly become one of my favorite Korean actresses in that she’s soo good at playing comedic roles to perfection! I know that I’m going to enjoy this drama because she’s in it – and her parts are going to make the best memes.. Tumblr here I come!

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