It isn’t everyday that we get to hang out with fans mostly because our hectic schedules don’t allow it. Today was an exception. We were contacted several times by a man named Jeff who’s a big fan of Hallyu Back. Because his visit to Korea coincided with a day off that I had, I agreed to meet him and hang out. What a wonderful decision it was! Even the moment I shook hands with him, another person who was lost at Suwon Station came up to me asking for directions. I started explaining about the various bus stops and before I could even finished she recognized me by my voice! That’s a first. So essentially, I met 2 fans of Hallyu Back out in public in the very same minute! That was exciting!! I knew it was gonna be a good day from there. And it was. :)

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  • Arthea Emory

    ….LIKE A CHAMP!?! Suwon looks AMAZING! I don’t want to say weird…but how different is it to be walking around your hometown and be recognized?

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!