Park Shin Hye is arguably one of the biggest female actors in her twenties in Korean dramas. She has starred opposite some of the biggest names in the game and has appeared in some of the most popular dramas in recent memory.

In all of these dramas she played the main romantic. Then why is that many of her kiss scenes seem to lack positive chemistry? This video is a compilation of some of these scenes and the guyz that managed to bring it or not bring it out of her.

My theory (and a possible answer to why she kisses the way she does) is that she’s never had a serious relationship in her life. I may be wrong on that. I don’t know the girl personally, only what has been put out through gossip websites, but I think that could be a legitimate reason. Either that, or else it takes a very special somebody to bring it out of her, and I ain’t talkin bout Lee Min Ho. I’m talking about you Yoon Si Yoon!

Richard has a theory as well. He believes that kissing scenes in Korean dramas, historically anyways, have just not been that important a part of the drama. If two people had chemistry, great! If not, families watching together would just make their children look away anyways. The kisses had so much less to do with the actual TV entertainment, although he admits that is indeed beginning to change. Just check out Witch’s Romance. Almost nothing tops those smexy Korean drama kisses.

Can’t wait for Pinocchio. Lee Jong Suk has his work cut out for him.

Happy Drama Watching everyone! ☺

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  • Shaynanigans

    I love park Shin Hye as an actress, but her kiss scenes are so painful to watch – with the exception of her scenes with Yoon Si Yoon. I have high hopes for Pinocchio. Let’s be honest, Lee Jong Suk could act next to a brick wall and still make sparks fly.
    I’m hoping and praying he can help Park Shin Hye turn the corner with her romantic scenes and give us some kisses to swoon over.

  • Dangershoes

    Think in most of her scenes, the kiss is startling for her character. Always given by a guy when she is not into him that much. Maybe… Her best ones I think was in Flowerboy Next Store at the end. When her characters heart was into it. If that makes sense. You’re Beautiful was another good movie, but don’t remember her kissing scenes. :(

  • Arthea Emory

    In the Collage of Kisses, it was bothering me that i didn’t know one of the kisses….so I looked them up.

    Yoo Seung Ho – video for Eraser (as song by So Ji Sub)
    Jung Yong Hwa – Heartstrings
    Jang Keun Suk – You’re Beautiful
    Seven – Goong S
    Yoon Shi Yoon – Flower Boys Next Door
    Lee Min Ho – Heirs

    My brain feels happy now.

    You keep posting, I’ll keep watching!

  • imfaerae

    I find it ironic she can strike sexy poses in promotional stills yet can’t do a kiss. Convert some of that sass where it counts! I agree with Shaynanigans, hopefully Lee Jong Suk can help her this go ’round. I sometimes wonder if she knows she’s known for poor kissing on screen. How does an actress work on fixing that? Humm….

  • Rovelyn Olac Amontoc

    What ever ILOVE Angel PARKSHINHYE SOOOOOOOOOO muchhhhhh….the way she kissed it’s not big issue..she just follow the script….Pinocchio fightinggggg Angel PARKSHINHYE fightinggggg..GODBLESS & ILOVEYOU..