“Pearly Gates”
Abstract Acrylic on Canvas – April 2015

A few years ago I read the book Tears of Mermaids by Stephen Bloom. It gave me a new understanding and appreciation for pearls, a jewel that is my birthstone – but one that was once one of the most valuable items in the ancient world. I believe that’s part of the reason why it makes its appearance in so many ancient texts and is still valued today as a sign of beauty and elegance. One of the most sentimental gifts I ever received was a string of pearls from my parents to commemorate my 21st birthday. As I was painting I started thinking about this – of the cultures where they come in the far East and how they are brought about from the depths of the sea where they were created over a great length of time and agony by the mollusks only to be pried open and one day perhaps help to adorn a colorful silk outfit.

Sometimes life is like pearls – things happen that are difficult, irritating and sometimes even absolutely terrible. In the case of pearls, they start as an irritating grain of sand. But the mollusk coats it over and over again with and turns that irritating, ugly old piece of sand into something magnificent that lasts long after the mollusk is gone – maybe even hundreds or thousands of years! I wish I could always think of my problems like that. That though they are bothersome now, that if approached properly that someday what I once saw as a problem might be a hidden treasure.

This artwork is a one of a kind piece hand painted by Stephanie Ishler of Hallyu Back. All artwork is for sale unless otherwise specified. If you are interested in purchasing this original painting, contact us here!  

  • Team Supercorpion

    I love this one ^.^

  • Liza_Nightshade

    You should read The Pearl if you already haven’t. I had to read it for school.