After 4 long years of not watching this drama I’ve finally done it.. I’ve watched Lee Min Ho’s controversial drama. And all in all, it’s not that controversial, nor really that amazing of a drama.  This isn’t to say that it’s bad.  It really has plenty of aspects to make it super impressive and swoon worthy.  Let me tell you guys, there is something to having a guy that’s not afraid and is understanding to help you every month when things get rough and painful.

There was more than enough scenes where Lee Min Ho’s character was every girl’s dream guy/best friend and knowing that he was pretending to be gay but wasn’t and still didn’t make any moves on her until she was clearly ready is laudable.  It’s seriously my favorite Lee Min Ho drama role to date, though I found him more attractive in Faith.  Can I just have his character from Personal Preference molded with the longhaired knight in shining armor with super powers from Faith?  Maybe then I’d truly become a Lee Min Ho fan.  Though admittedly, I’ve already had this love-hate relationship for so long that I don’t know how easy it is to reverse.. lol I’m so stubborn!

My latest Korean drama review:

  • Shountae Boothe

    This role mademe like him as an actor BOF kinda mde me change my mind , but i rewatched this and i softened again.