THEY HAVE FINALLY AIRED AND SUBBED EPISODE 1 OF PINOCCHIO!!!!! This is great news for the drama world since this is arguably the most anticipated drama since Heirs. There I said it. Park Shin Hye somehow has helped build the anticipation of this one larger than any drama in recent memory, and Lee Jong Suk certainly didn’t hurt either.

As for my thoughts on episode 1, I’m going to let you check them out exclusively in the video review I made. I was detailed in my review, and there may even be an ep. 1 spoiler or two in there. Of course it’s only episode 1 so no harm no foul so long as you’re warned. :)

Thanks you guyz for being awesome and supporting me while I continue to make these videos and write a thesis all at once. It’s crunch time on this end, so I may have to duck out a bit on dramas and focus on schoolwork. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy this review and as always, Happy Drama Watching!

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  • Rovelyn Olac Amontoc

    Angel PARKSHINHYE is the…she show the world how to be a versatile actress…drama..comedy…yessssss she’s in…ILOVE Angel PARKSHINHYE MUCHHHHHH….

  • Arthea Emory

    Okay. so the blame and shame the news casters place on the family. They make it seem like the fire chief set the fire. How come an investigation wasn’t done? I have so many questions. But back to the Pinocchio neighbor. Sadly, be it true or not, because he believed it to be true he can’t lie about it. Not only the media, but the authorities placed the blame on the family before doing any kind of investigating. THEY SEARCHED THE HOUSE FOR PROOF THAT THE FIRE CHIEF WAS IN CONTACT WITH THEM! I feel so bad for the boys. More for the older brother because he believes that he’s not only lost his father, but his mother and brother have killed themselves leaving him alone to deal with the backlash of this tragedy.

    The first kiss….awwwwww! Not because he likes her but because she made him believe that there are truly good people out there. AND THEN, RIGHT AFTER HE FINDS OUT WHO HER MOTHER IS…wow!

    I do hope they do more flashbacks…I liked them.

    I’m happy that, unlike Heirs, this first episode has lived up to the hype of the internet.

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!

    Ps. I did like it and will MOST DEFINITELY be watching!