Priceless was perhaps the best Japanese drama of 2012, and it was family friendly! I’ll be honest, I haven’t finished this one yet but it’s not because I didn’t like it. Since I made this TOAD, there have just been too many good dramas and I’ve been too short on time. I’m totally with the spirit of this drama though. Times have been really tough in the world, with the economy and people struggling to find work. Things are even worse in Japan as I’m sure there are still people who are still dealing with all the effects of natural disasters, let alone daily problems.

The thing that’s so special about Priceless is that having lived in Asia and knowing that people sometimes go to extreme measures when life becomes really bad – that it’s a reminder to always look for the silver lining. OK, maybe that’s a bit cliché. However, it’s holding onto mottos such as these that have seen me through some of my most difficult times and have kept me from succumbing to my depressing circumstances.

It was also a good introduction to Kimura Takuya. I already knew Karina and actually watched the drama in part because of her. She’s got such a great presence in all of her roles that I knew she would be worth seeing. And Kimutaku (Kimura Takuya) surprised me. I knew he was popular and I found out just why that is. He may not be my ideal looking Japanese actor (though he certainly was 10 years ago) but his acting is superb and that voice… mmm! Hello Howl! I’m totally going to have to get around to finishing this one.


  • ladysaotome

    This was your first KimuTaku drama? He’s been in so many great dramas. I highly recommend you check out Pride. But whatever you do, do not watch Kyosokyoku. Longest, mind-sucking waste of time ever!