As we all know, there are pros and cons to everything in this world. So, when we saw this question posed amongst the YouTube comments, we knew it would be a fun one to tackle.

Richard and I both agree that there are definitely more pros to living in Korea than cons. We named a bunch of pros and a few cons as well, but could not cover everything we think is good and bad in just one video alone. So, we hit a few of what we consider the most important positives and negatives about South Korea, while trying our best to give as much in depth experience and examples to color the imagination with. There are some cool, never before seen photos of our honeymoon in there that appear around the 1:45 mark, as well as some that were already published on Instagram and Facebook. They pop in there kind of quickly, so you may have to pause the video to get a closer look. ☺

We mention a whole bunch of pros, but the two that stick out in my mind most vividly are traveling here and the inexpensive and delicious food in restaurants.

1. The country of Korea is awesome for traveling!

I cannot express this enough. Richard whole-heartedly agrees. Whether you are here for only a few weeks, or have been living here for some time, Korea is easy to get around for the most part. Public transportation goes in all directions, and they are always continuing to improve it. I hear from fellow students in class how they travel around to all the cities here by train effortlessly and have such a fun time doing it. Buses go everywhere too. Richard and I do a lot of our cross-country traveling by car, and this allows us to go even further off the beaten path than just getting dropped off at a bus or train station. There are lots of traditional sites and temples to see, as well as plenty of cities to explore, each with their own unique charm.

2. The food out at restaurants is inexpensive and delicious!

Richard and I more or less split the time we eat in and out about 50-50 because it doesn’t really save us money to cook a lot. We do cook, however, just because we enjoy eating in. But when we eat out, we eat in style!

There are countless different types of dishes to choose from in South Korea, and actually the more different places you go to eat, the more of a wide variety you’re likely to encounter. I love getting outside of Suwon (our home city) to try new food and eat in different restaurants. We were once on the west coast about two thirds of the way down the peninsula and sat down at a restaurant we had never been too. The owner recognized this fact, and started bringing us extra dishes and specialized types of kimchi to try. It was an amazing experience with super-tasty new foods I had never tried before. I love when that sort of thing happens. And, this was only one night out of many. Korea is cool like that.

There were also cons we mentioned in the video but.. I don’t actually want to get into those here. I think you’ll just have to watch the video to understand those for yourself. We think they will be entertaining nonetheless.

Have a question you’d like us to wrap our heads around? Drop us a note in the comment section below and your question may be picked for our next video. You never know!

*Correction: We stated in the video that citizenship in Korea for non-Koreans is impossible completely, but this is not exactly true.  Though still extremely rare, South Korea finally changed their laws 2011 to begin letting a select few possible gain citizenship.  We apologize for the mistake.

  • Alejandra Ralda

    YOU GUYS ARE LIKE DYNAMITE COUPLE!!! so cool, can you give me an advice for those uncomfortable bathrooms?? what should i do? jajaja and is it too difficult to communicate with the koreans? i’m mexican and our cultures are totally different. :)

    • hallyuback

      Alejandra! Thanks so much!!! ^^ For me anyways, the bathrooms here take a lot of getting used to, but everyone’s preference is different. Communicating with Koreans can be challenging, but it also can be fun! 😉

      • Alejandra Ralda

        thank you!!! your tips are really useful for me jajaj and i hope to find you guys in a year when i’m in korea :) greetings!

  • Deb Rose

    The bathroom comments OMG!! I would die, cause I’m so picky!! Do you share bathrooms at hotels too??

  • Deb Rose

    I have a question, “What about the first kiss in Korea is it like in dramas?”

  • korimorena

    Hello Steph and Rich!I’m planning to go to Korea next year 2015.Just for few days. If I land in Seoul and check in a hotel there(in Seoul for example)how can I use the subway then.Where to buy tickets?What to use,cash or debit card or credit card?

  • Leigh Murry

    I’m getting stationed there soon, is it beneficial you bring my car or should I rely on trains and cabs?