I admit, I waited for this video. I saw it the first day it came out. I watched it, then waited for Richard to come home from work, and that was part of our dinner conversation.

For me, this video is clean humor about the reality that is the problem of overdrinking, being drunk and hungover. You have fights, car accidents, over-reacting, terrible awful hook-ups, and you end up sitting in a convenient store eating ramen or passed out on the street. Or if you’re lucky spend the night in the jimjilbang trying release the toxins out of your skin.

My honest opinion? I love this video, save for two things: 1. the twerking, and 2. The smoking dope references.

Terwking has been so overplayed the past year. To include twerking as the main dance segment of a video I think is a cop out. While it was shot months ago, Psy has made his name in part internationally by incorporating signature dance moves and anyone and everyone can do regardless of age, gender, etc. And while grandma can twerk if she wants to, I’ll be damned if that’s something I wanna see, let alone having six year olds out on the street singing about hangovers and twerking. Cuz I’m just waiting for that to happen.

To me, weed references have no point being in a Korean song. They don’t smoke it here. Nobody does. In Korea, they equate weed to heroin. They do. Seriously, just ask around. This country as a whole is not informed when it comes to drugs. At all. Period. End of story.

Frankly, I really wonder what Snoop does when he comes over here, cuz it ain’t smoking weed. That’s for shizzle. Oh, that’s right he was hungover while he was here. Him and Psy. Hungover the entire time.

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  • Deidre Crummitt

    I’m over twerking. Forever. But as far as the weed thing, I really think that was included because that’s associated with Snoop. I mean, you can’t think of Snoop without thinking of weed. LOL

    • hallyuback

      I think most people here probably can’t even understand what Snoop is saying. The fact that Psy is highlighting how people are drunk over here all the time, and hence hungover is astonishment enough LOL

  • Melinda Lipinski

    ugh i am so over twerking, it can go away forever as far as i am concerned

  • http://swankie.deviantart.com Sarah Adam

    Is the video an accurate description of korea people? I wouldnt think people are always hung over like that especially coming from music and anything on television aside from documentaries and maybe the discovery channel. I think its more of an add for alcohol than anything else and maybe those drinks they drink before drinking to avoid hangovers. But i dont live in korea. I look at the entertainment world mostly as over dramatizing because people in general watch dramatic things which i suppose is part of human nature. I dont look too much into the meanings of music that i dont like so maybe thats why i treat a lot of things lightly. Sorry for any misspellings im on my phone.