Let the record show: I love me some Asian drama kissing scenes! But, if you ask me, between Korean and Taiwanese kisses, Korean kissing scenes are no match for kisses in Taiwanese dramas.. most of them anyways.

I made this original ‘Reaction to..’ video with very low expectations. (I am writing this now MUCH later than when I made this video) I figured I would just watch a few YouTube videos and record it and see what happens. Two days later I checked the video views, and over 1000 people had already watched it! Crazy I know. Since then it has grown quite a bit.

Instead of going over the list one by one here, go ahead and watch the video. My husband actually chose these videos for me, so it was the first time I had ever even seen some of these kiss scenes. You can also tell by my reactions that I’m new at this since my voice was low and my actions were less animated. More recent ‘Reaction to..’ kissing videos I react a little bit more lively.

Who knew Korean kisses would be so popular!

Scenes from this video I reacted to include:

Boys Over Flowers
All My Love
High Kick Through The Roof
Lie To Me
Queen In Hyun’s Man
Winter Sonata
She’s On Duty
Playful Kiss