WE FINALLY HAVE INTERNET AT OUR NEW HOUSE!! It’s amazing how having fast internet can can someone so happy, but I guess the future is now haha.

We must admit, having a slow internet connection since being back in NY and staying with my in-laws has slowed us down a bit. I did film a Top 5 Friday for this week so that will be up soon, but besides that we have just been able to film blogs. This is due to a variety of factors like traveling between homes while slowly moving into our home, and also because of the super slow internet connection at my in-laws. They have a decent download speed for watching videos, etc. but uploading a video takes about 4-5 hours. Richard has been literally setting the upload before we go to bed, and then when we wake up making the video public.

This is no way to properly run YouTube channels. Which is why on the same day we got high speed internet installed at the new house we are also uploading a new video!!!

We’ve been back just over a week now, and while this isn’t our first trip back, we are still finding ourselves running into reverse culture shocks experiences. This video just scratches the surface of what we find different and unique between American and Korea, and if you’ ve been a subscriber for awhile you know this from the many LIKE IT videos we’ve made.

If you have an idea for a video you’d like us to make or a topic you’d like us to discuss let us know in the comment section below or on the YouTube comments. you know we love hearing from you guys!!

And, you can now expect many more videos because the internet where we live is at glorious hyper speed levels now. I can’t stop smiling about it :)

  • Marina

    Welcome back and good luck in NY! Paint it in with some color from yellow color family , its like adding sunshine to the space even if it’s cloudy outside

  • Daniela Pereira

    Try blue, is a good chakra color. Since you do videos this color help with communication, personal expression and the flow of information (not that you need more help for that, but its never to much :) ) I’m a big fan of you guys, and I love your cat! good luck

  • http://www.geekpilgrimage.com/ Deidre Crummitt

    Aww, I wanna come help you guys renovate!

  • Rubyfox13

    I would like to help you guys I love to paint so ya and I think you should do it blue.