Romance in Korea rings about as positive and heart-thumpingly true as anywhere on the planet! Koreans have some of the most unique and fun holidays any place you check!

One day each month out of the year a day is dedicated to a couple’s romance. Okay.. so what if they are manufactured. They still are pretty cool.

Take Kiss Day for example, on June 14th. That’s a great opportunity for anyone! Kiss day means you’re supposed to kiss on that day. That’s a good thing if you’re looking for one, and you’ve never done it before!

Or what about wine day, on Oct. 14th. Good reason to drink?

Every 14th is a reason to celebrate!

Jan 14 – Diary Day
Feb – April 14th’s Valentine’s Day
Mar 14 – White Day
Apr 14 – Black Day
May 14 – Rose Day
June 14 – Kiss Day
July 14 – Silver Day
Aug 14 – Green Day (soju)
Sept 14 – Photo Day
Oct 14 – Wine Day
Nov 14 – Movie Day
Dec 14 – Hug Day

Other Holiday observances –
November 11 – Pepero Day

Pepero day might be the most important to them. There’s evidence of this everywhere. They love this day. It’s almost as certain as Christmas. ^^

Here’s part 1 of Holidays in Korea!

  • Leah Bonilla

    Hug Day is my birthday… Makes sense being the good Sagittarius that I am… :)