I find sometimes when I’m a bit unsure about a drama, or I really want to see a drama and know that when it comes out I’ll be in the mood for a marathon I want to wait until the entire drama is out to watch it. For me this was the case with Rooftop Prince. At the time that it came out, it had a similar synopsis to ‘Queen InHyun’s Man’ – A guy goes to the future where he meets the reincarnation of his royal love. Frankly, I didn’t know which to watch! Also I was really busy with trying to watch as many episodes as possible of dramas before I reviewed them for TOAD. And so this drama got put on the back burner. I didn’t know if I would ever see it.

BUT! You guys came to the rescue of Rooftop Prince and requested it to the point I couldn’t not watch it. And so I did. Wow! I’m so glad that the drama watching community talked this one up. You were completely right. Park “Micky” Yoo Chun is a Korean actor not to be missed. He’s equally good at playing comedy as well as drama, which he showed off in ‘Missing You’. They played up the Joseon to modern era “OMG! Where am I? WHAT IS THIS?” to perfection. I found myself laughing on through a lot of the first few episodes of this drama. The fashion choices of the 4 Joseon era “stooges” may or may not have helped that along.

For me though, what really sold me on this one was the story of Han Ji Min’s character and how well she played it. To someone who’s watched this drama, it’s no surprise that she won 7 different acting awards for her performance. In the Saegeuk scenes where her face is veiled she expresses so much through her eyes and I for the first time realized just how smoky and gorgeous her voice is. And girl looks dang pretty – even next to Jung Yoo Mi who may be one of the prettiest Korean actresses I’ve ever seen in Hanbok. Regardless, I love a strong female character that I can relate to. Someone who’s been through crap in her life, but has chosen to not let it ruin her, but to be positive, work hard, kind to people and love the man she chooses with everything she’s got. It’s a quality I don’t see a lot in Kdramas – that the only bad quality a girl has is that she’s too nice. Also, the prince isn’t a jerk. A bit clueless perhaps, but not a jerk. And that is refreshing!

Overall a great drama, perhaps one of my favorites of 2012 and one I could see myself re-watching down the road..it’s just that good!