Ever have a relationship problem? Who hasn’t??? We’ve all been there. This Japanese drama is that particular slice of life that doesn’t necessarily taste so sweet.

One reason why this drama may not be so popular is because people watching don’t necessarily want to face reality in their lives. This one is attempting to show a glimpse of what life is actually life. It’s a genre you don’t see as much in Kdrama and TW drama, because those are designed to be more fantasy, sort of an escape. The only slice of life drama I remember seeing recently out of Korea was ‘Reply 1997’. If there are more feel free update me in the comments because I may have missed a few.

Slice of Life dramas are probably my favorite genre because I can relate to them. I actually struggle watching period dramas for exactly the same reason: I can hardly relate to them.

First off, I have only seen one episode of this drama, so I can’t say that I can judge this drama as a whole. I will most likely watch more episodes, but while I was editing this TOAD the main character was increasingly pissing me off. The story is about a couple who don’t get along, and are not happy in the marriage. Part of the reason is because they don’t really communicate, and he has (almost) completely given up. Eita’s character frustrates me because he’s selfish in the relationship. He complains about his life, and complains even more about his wife to everyone he encounters. Problem with this is that he doesn’t actually speak to his wife about everything he’s complaining about to everyone else.

Things get a bit more messy when the husband meets up with his ex-girlfriend at a wine bar. He starts to see everything that he liked about his ex-girlfriend and forgets all the reasons that they broke up. That’s never happened before in real life eva! OH NO!!! It’s not like he’s actually cheating on his wife with her or anything like that. But in his head he’s just confusing himself more.

Then this earthquake happens and he doesn’t have any care about his wife. Like for instance, he sends her a text message to find out if his bonsai plant is okay. A freaking bonsai plant is more important than her!

While I can agree that she probably isn’t the ideal wife. She’s lazy and a bit inconsiderate herself. However, you see a lot of moments where she does try. And every conversation she has with other people seems to be about how she wants to work on the relationship. Her husband isn’t doing this at all. I most definitely have more sympathy for the wife in episode 1. She even learns how to cook curry, and cleans up the house after the earthquake shook everything up, injuring herself in the process. And he’s not thankful for any of it. Can I hit this man with a frying pan?

This one is not a love story. Heck, they make Eita look unattractive. But! I watch it and think: thank god my life is a little better than this. Actually in some ways it reminds me of some of the things I need to do to make my personally relationship with my hubby better. Like.. communicate.

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  • Arsen Igityan

    I watched this (except last 2 episodes, cause they aren’t subbed), and I should say it gets better and better by any episodes. Along with comical situations and many contemporary-untipical-for-jdrama- references (like installing Facebook on phone to share everything), this drama is mostly based on conversations, more than on action. Many characters come and go, and all talk and talk and talk. Which makes special atmosphere, which I like. And they don’t forget to make you cry at least once in each episode (although overall it’s made pretty ironic). I think if no one creates subs for last 2 episodes, then I have to learn Japanese 😀
    By the way, did you like the closing credits? They differ a little in each episodes, and they are just COOL! :))

    • hallyuback

      I was debating on whether or not to continue on watching it (because of
      Eita’s character making me angry) but after this comment I definitely
      see a marathon in the immediate future!! Like tomorrow.. haha! I really did
      like the chemistry between the characters and yes, the closing credits
      are super fun – the cheesy dancing in episode 1 totally had me cracking

  • Kambria Sturgeon

    I can’t believe Kim Hyun Joong got it. I like him and all but he was the worst out of the 3 in the poll to play the character. I guess it was based more on popularity than the character. I totally agree there was no chemistry either. Now this show sounds interesting. Not usually one I go for but I’m always up to trying new things. Thanks for the vid! :)

    • hallyuback

      Kim Hyun Joong is just too popular! >.< Though I admit I like him too.. just not in that drama haha!