Ships are sailing

“Float On”

Acrylic on Canvas – Summer 2014


I love historical fiction, and I kind of have an obsession with reading stories about pirates and sailing.  Even my musical choices that help me through harder times are often those with the overarching theme of sailing on through troubles and somehow, someway coming out with more knowledge and richer for it on the other end.

Each and every one of my paintings are a reflection of the stories in my life and experiences that have influenced me.  This particular one is based on a red-sailed ship that my husband and I watched from our bungalow in Thailand during our honeymoon.  The ship was a cruise that people paid to ride.. we didn’t but we sure enjoyed watching it from our beach front cottage.  The most picturesque time without a doubt was sunset.  Relationships have their ups and downs as does every aspect of life, but if it wasn’t for the wind and waves life would be dull and we wouldn’t get anywhere.  So to all of you, whatever you may be going through, my wish is that you keep sailing on.. and someday we’ll all float on ok.


This artwork is a one of a kind piece hand painted by Stephanie Ishler of Hallyu Back.  All artwork is for sale unless otherwise specified.  If you are interested in purchasing this original painting, contact us here

  • Liza_Nightshade

    Love this one! I like all of your art. 😀

    • hallyuback

      Thank you! It’s probably my current favorite of all of my paintings!