Picture a typical kid in a candy store for the first time ever in their life. Got your image? Does that image look anything like me? I as because this is exactly how I felt on my first night in Fukuoka, Japan.

I cannot even begin to explain how exciting it was for me to explore the corner stores of Japan. I know that I should tone it down a bit, and believe me when I was there I was playing it cool. But I’ve always been a bigger fan of Japan than Korea, at least when it came to my initial interest in Asian dramas. So, now that I live in Korea and see Korean products regularly it is almost as if Korean snack foods are as regular as American snack foods that I grew up with. I’m in no way saying that Korean and American snack foods are the same thing. There is virtually no way the two compare. But at least to me now I’m used to seeing both and I don’t get easily surprised or delighted by either.

This is NOT the case for me and Japanese snacks or mini-marts. Let it be known.

After much deliberation I collapsed my purchases on a select number of items. After all, how much junk food was I going to be able to eat in 2 days anyways? I went for limited edition Kit Kat bar, which ended up being a Sakura Maccha Latte flavored Kit Kit. Long story short, it was delicious. Even more so that I was sitting in Japan eating it.

This video was not planned out at all, and it was past 2am when Rick was filming me. I was indulging in Japanese hotel antics, which is why I had on the bathrobe. This video was also taken before he and I had started Hallyu Back, so there really isn’t much of a focus other than me opening the packaging, tasting and recommending it.

Maybe I should do more of these in Korea? Let me know in the comments and I will consider ALL requests! ☺