Date night! We headed to the south side of the Han River in the heart of Seoul where Eland Cruise has their famous riverboats! Eland River Cruise invited us as guests to experience their wonderful buffet cruise if we were willing to vlog our experience. Seemed like a more than reasonable exchange to us, so we went for it! It also gave us a chance to dress up nice and have a date night, something we struggle to do on a regular basis because of our busy schedules ^^

Thank you Eland Cruise for inviting us on your boat!

There are several boats in their fleet, and this is the location where many Korean dramas are filmed, including where You Who Came From The Stars and Fated to Love You were filmed!!!

A HUGE thank you to Hannah for saying hello during the cruise who was visiting Seoul from the Philippines. I hope you enjoyed your time in Korea and had a safe trip back home. Thanks so much for supporting us at Hallyu Back!!! ^^

yesterday’s video

  • Karen Shortell

    That was a wonderful video, you two. I love your outfit, Steph, and am so glad that you got shots of your nails. They are great!!!!!! How did it feel to be the celebrity on this cruise? I also love the panoramic views of the fountains bridge. beautiful!!!!!!

  • Arthea Emory

    My inner fangirl was SQUEEING almost the entire video. YOU MET FANS!!! Ok…so…I’m really fangirling over that moment. My favorite part…Birthday? No. Anniversary? No. So? Just date night. You could almost hear the ‘Ooooookay’ in her voice. LOL!

    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching.