Hey everyone!! Richard here. While taking a walk to Suwon Station to do some small shopping I addressed a set of questions and comments we get A LOT! What are the qualifications to an English teaching job in Korea? What are other jobs besides English teaching that are available in South Korea? What is it like to live in Korea? Other comments from you peeps include the hope, wish and desire to one day live in or visit Korea.

I hope this video is helpful! What did you think about what I had to say? If you enjoyed this format and would like to see more of these drop a note in the comments section, and we’ll both be sure to see it and answer it for you!

Thanks for all your continued support everyone! Cheers!!

  • Parsacarly

    Great video! I especially loved the cameo by the cute recycling ahjumma at the beginning!^^ I was an exchange student right after high school in Finland for a year so I’ve had a bit of experience living abroad and more importantly – not knowing anyone! Finland is a lot more English-friendly though. But I’m actually planning on going to Korea to teach English next year once I graduate from university. I’m actually taking Korean lessons so I won’t be starting from scratch like I was in Finland. However, I feel like one big difference, which kind of scares me a little bit, is that in Finland I was living with host families and going to school where I could make friends… whereas teaching in Korea might be a little more lonely at times. What was it like for both of you when you first got to Korea and didn’t know anyone? Did you just make friends with other teachers at the school or did you go to language exchange meet-ups or some other kind of hobby group? Also what if you don’t drink? Is it still possible to make friends with Korean people if you don’t drink (I struggle with this one here, but thankfully most of my friends already know that I don’t drink and don’t expect me to)? Thanks for your awesome videos! Keep it up! 화이팅^^

    • hallyuback

      Thanks for the encouragement, we appreciate it! And great questions, we’ll look to answer them in a future video for sure! ^^

  • Heidi Lyon

    Awesome video :) Rest assured, there are people even older than you (I’m 44) who loved hearing about your thoughts because I’m considering moving there too! Listening to you and Steph talk about your first year there and the trials and tribulations you still go through really is informative for us. Thanks!

  • Lara

    Hello Richard !! I just discovered your blog today and I went like through the whole “like it” videos ! They are so great and I’ve learned much more things about Korea .
    Well, I’m actually a university student (i specialise in earth and space science , geographic information … ) and I have one year left to graduate , I’ve been thinking about going to Korea for quite some time now but no one could support me so I gave up at first , but now I’m telling myself that I should do what I really want and not go crying over my faith in a corner .
    That’s why I really need your experience and advice …
    My questions are : Can i continue my studies there ? should I wait till i finish my studies here ? Can i study a new major there after graduating ? And what are the conditions to be admitted in a university there ?
    My last question is : what if I consider teaching there? are there any specific conditions ??

    I’m sorry for bothering you with my questions . I hope you guys will help me =)
    Thanks again for the informative videos . I LOVE THEM !!! xoxo