I’ve been attending graduate school in South Korea for nearly 2 years. It’s been a great experience and a lot of hard work. I’ve learned so much and met a lot of amazing people. Now that it’s almost (fingers crossed) finished, I’ve been reflecting more on the experience, the ups and downs, the tremendous amount of work I put it, and my future. Today, after finding out I need to re-write a significant portion of my thesis, I was not feel terribly optimistic and the subject of stuyding in Korea was discussed on camera between Richard and I.

And, near the end of the video I had forgotten about all that because two of you awesome people sent packages that we now finally opened and that TOTALLY MADE MY DAY BETTER!!!!!

Yesterday’s Video – Korean Christmas Decorating

  • sunny bunny

    You must feel really disappointed…i am 36 and i got my diploma last year.So another semester might not be that awful..what is your master btw Stephanie? I ve been looking for a master in cultural anthropology in Seoul but to be honest though i tried to contact the universities there it was impossible to get a reply and so i also feel disappointed…;-) I don’t have anyone to help there so i do everything on my own and it is kind of a pain. I am interested in new communicating models between different cultures and it was always a dream to come to Asia. At first Japan and after that Korea. I decided that the culture fits me better than the japanese one. Anyway i am sure that you will graduate. Thank you both for your videos. Greetings from Europe. A place that is not very nice to live we must be honest right now. Fasism is rating high in the political status of the E.U. and k dramas are a small breath of joy and happiness. 😉