I was so excited when I heard they were finally making a drama of the popular girl’s manga Skip Beat. I myself am a fan, having read parts of the story in the Shojo Beat magazines that I bought in college. But I’d never really read the whole story. I think this added to the whole experience of finally getting to see a live version of this romantic comedy. That and that this drama took soo freaking long to make. I was excited to watch it when they first proposed making it in 2008. Well, after 4 years of “development hell” it came out, and OMG did Ivy Chen nail it!

Her portrayal of Gong Xi was spot on – the quirky loveable character that I’d seen on paper for song long finally had a real face and I loved every moment of watching it. The CGI angels and demons that floated around her were definitely not high budget, but that didn’t really matter as it only added to the comic appeal of this one. I think the only part I didn’t like was her hair and outfit when she initially tried to get hired on by an entertainment company – and frankly, it’s supposed to be terrible.

The theme song to this one – titled S.O.L.O while being incredibly annoying at times was also completely addicting and I’m singing it in my head now as I’m typing it. I loved the intro’s editing and it totally highlighted some of my favorite moments in the drama.

They also brought on Siwon and Donghae from Super Junior M to play the lead male roles and I was pleasantly surprised overall. I hate that the dub people who have foreign accents because Siwon and Donghae can both speak Mandarin. Oh well, at least the timing wasn’t terribly off and distracting (unlike Absolute Boyfriend.) But, other than Donghae’s voice being ridiculously too high in the beginning (the voice actor was later replaced) they were still really attractive, acted their roles well, and did I mention they were incredibly cute on camera? ^ㅅ^