If you didn’t know, I recently started daily vlogging Monday – Thursday on the bonus channel for the new year while I’m on vacation.  That means until March you’ve got an inside look into my life, what it’s like to live in Korea and the like.  In turn, I get to try out some concepts and give you guys some more diversified videos that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time!

It all started with new year’s morning (or rather afternoon as I proceeded to make some extra special French toast to kick it off right.  Since then I’m trying to get a general idea or rather organization of how I’m going to do it all.  So here’s the weekly Hallyu Back lineup from last week:

Mondays = A crazy mix of Questions that I try to answer on all sorts of different topics.

Tuesdays = This day is dedicated to something transformative.  So far I’ve only taken off my makeup on camera, but for a girl that’s pretty transforming I’d say!  I’ve got more fun ideas for the future including fashion, makeup, hair, diy and the works, so stay tuned!

Wednesdays = Wisdom Wednesdays.  I haven’t quite fully decided what this one is going to be yet, if it’s going to include reviews or just me talking about something that’s on my heart and mind.  So far it’s just included a bunch of my favorite drama words of wisdom, but that was fun too!

Thursdays = Thursdate, or a day where I show you guys something that’s less of me just talking to the camera and more of my everyday life.  It could be me out and about, or in the case of what I’ve done so far, it’s been me talking about getting around and a quiet night at home.

Friday starts the weekend and then you guys all get the Top 5 Friday (sometimes the Like It!) and I do a Live Chat usually now so I need some time to defrag and catch up on dramas.

Anyways, it’s about time that I start connecting all of these daily vlogs that I’ve been doing to the actual blog so here it is!  Hope you guys dig it!