We have a very generous fan to thank for the Macarni and Cheese featured in this video! Deidre if you’re reading this: THANK YOU!! I actually didn’t know Steph made mac n Cheese like this even though we’ve had it before several times. I’m always in the other room or doing something when she prepares it and I never knew what she was doing. It was very tasty!

Also a big THANK YOU to Tom Schreurs who designed the new banner on our Hallyu Back Vlog channel! He was kind enough to redo the banner several times when I suggested some changes I would like to see, and he did it all out of the kindness of his heart. If you’re reading this, go check out his Facebook page and click like. That would really mean a lot to me.

Yesterday’s Video: Breakfast in Bed / Korean BBQ

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    I actually got the Wegmans brand since I know Richard is from New York. (Also, because I love Wegmans LOL)