“Street Reflections”

Acrylic on Canvas – December 2016
This was a comissioned piece I did for a 14 year old girl who loves BTS. Her request was that I listen to Reflection by BTS and paint my reaction to it. After listening to it once I knew what I was going to paint. The song to me is about feeling lonely in the midst of everybody and struggling to like yourself (despite fame). I chose a street scene in Korea to take her “to Korea” if only in a painting. I also chose to set it in nighttime to go along with song lyrics that talk about things looking brighter at night. Each of the signs on the desolate street contain some word or phrase of encouragement or affirmation. This leaves one asking the question – of where to shop – what words or phrases do I buy into – or do I just go away empty handed?
To me it expresses something that I feel all too often. Doing what we do online I often see words of encouragement but I feel alone – sometimes exteremely discouraged and wondering where to go from here. Like a foreign person standing on an empty street in Korea.

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