This drama took me years to come around to watching.. literally. This is a 2010 drama so technically I’ve wanted to watch this one for the past 4 years!! That’s a long time to wait for a drama, but as I’d heard it was the Joseon F4, I knew that it would be worth a special viewing time period. Actually, that time ended up being the source of motivation for the last of my coursework for grad school.

The story is simple enough, a girl who’s brother is sick and family struggles in poverty is cornered with a major life decision, either come up with a significant amount of money to pay off her family’s problems or marry an important government official who’s old with a son and daughter near her age. Having made money here and there copying and helping to distribute books at a store, she takes an offer to cheat for the Sungkyunkwan university entrance exam. Getting wrapped up into events beyond her control she ends up in the all-boy university as a student (and subsequently is provided the funds to take care of her family as well as be a scholar which she’s always dreamed about). There she finds herself the fourth wheel of a pretty fantabulously smexy Joseon F4, which includes an ultra righteous law abiding Micky Yoo Chun, a rogue robinhood-esque Yoo Ah In and a mischevious and cheeky and manipulating Song Joong Ki.. Literally, Park Min Young is a great actress, but everything falls short to the amazing guys that she’s put in with.

I know a lot of people like flower boys and cross dressing “Hana Kimi” style dramas have remained ever in popularity during times. Truthfully though, THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST VERSION I HAVE HEARD OF THE STORY IN ALL OF DRAMAS! And there is something there for me to say that. Is it the most amazing life changing dramas of all time? No. And if I had seen one of the hugely popular F4 dramas as my first drama I would be much more biased. Regardless, this is a fantastic drama. I feel I can’t drive home that point enough. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, I think you will be pleased.. That’s all, hope you enjoy!

Happy Drama Watching!

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