On New Years Eve Dec. 31st 2011 we had sushi for dinner in Fukuoka, Japan.

This wasn’t a place that was recommended in a tour book or by our hotel front desk. We had decided to walk around the city a bit and just see what we could find.

Unlike in Korea, the weather was cool but not too cold for this time of the year to walk around and enjoy the city. If I remember correctly, it was about 10-12 degrees Celsius. When we left Korea is was about 0 or even -2 or so. We walked around in the evening casually enjoying the temperature and the environment. It was just so refreshing for me to stroll along the streets of a country I had seen so many times in a drama, but had rarely ever experienced in real life.

About 8pm we found this lovely restaurant that seemed to be offering what we were looking for: fresh sushi! It entered and found seats at the counter so we could watch the sushi chefs make the goods. They had a colorful menu with English on it which made ordering so much ore easy.

So.. we splurged! We ordered a wide variety of sushi, including tuna, eel, urchin, squid, fish eggs, shrimp, and others. We also asked for an order of saki and Rick had a draft beer. Hey why not, it was New Years Eve after all and we were on a mini holiday in Japan! Woohoo!!!

We actually kept ordering more food after our initial order because it was a special occasion, and we had no idea when we would be back in Japan to do this again. (We haven’t been since)

Lots of people came and went as we took our time eating. When it was time to pay the bill, we went up to the cash register and paid. We stepped out of the restaurant, shot the ending to this video, and Rick informed me afterwards that it was the most expensive 2 person bill for dinner that he had ever paid in his life! I’ll spare you the exact amount, but it was A. LOT. ☺