Finding this place was an adventure! I couldn’t believe how cool it was as we walked through it, and it happened almost literally in the blink of an eye. I treasure this memory now and will forever. Most importantly, I have only the kind gentleman in the video who was quickly escorting us through this maze.

We had spent the afternoon in Angkor Wat, our second day exploring these awesome ruins. As was the case in day one, we asked our tuk-tuk driver (not the same man from the previous day) if we had enough time to see anything else before the sun went down.

He brought us past Bayon on a 20 minute cruise through ruins until we arrived at Tau Prohm. He promised to meet us on the other side, and told us that we had about 20 minutes to get through there. Well, if you know anything about Tau Prohm, then you know that isn’t nearly enough time to get all the way through there. It takes 1o minutes alone to hike back to the entrance!

We made it back there, and you know you’ve made it because the dirt path through the wooded area opens up to a huge set of beautiful ruins! Tau Prohm is enormous and while we were there was being renovated. We filmed a bit, and right there in the entrance to the main ruin a guard approached us. We informed us both that is was time to leave. We tried to explain that we needed to meet our tuk-tuk driver in the rear, and when he finally understood he frowned. We weren’t sure what it meant, but we soon learned that we were NOWHERE NEAR where we had to meet our driver. He then promptly whisked us away.

He was kind, and instead of walking us all the way directly out, he decided to help our cause. You can see in the video it was getting dark, but that didn’t stop him from walking to the very best spots to film, letting us record for a minute, and then continuing us on our way.

This place was unbelievable! The trees had grown over the ruins, and these were some of the biggest trees I’d ever seen! I spare all the details here, as there are many places around the web you can read about Tau Prohm as well as all the ancient ruins in this area of Cambodia. I highly recommend this place for anyone interested in seeing a glimpse into a very interesting past.

We said thank you to our wonderful tour guide as we finally made it out to the other end. I remember think how grateful I was for him at the time for showing us what he did in such a rush, and I’m still grateful. I wish he could see the video we made of him. I doubt anyone else ever made anything with him in it like this!