I feel almost like this is turning into the week of the mermaid.  Okay maybe that’s a little bit over the top to say, but not only have I just started watching the Korean drama The Mermaid or Surplus Princess, but I also literally watched The Little Mermaid.. twice with my adorable little nephew.  In many ways I can see a lot of correlations between the two.  In both you have an adorably bubbly girl that might as well be a teenager.  Said bubbly girl decides to become a human to pursue her love at first sight guy of her dreams that she’s interacted with once.  Both ignore all the warning signs in the pursuit of legs to snag said guy.. and have to get a magical potion from a witch.  And both run into a huge roadblock in the shape of another woman.

That’s about where the similarities end.  This mermaid’s gadget is her cell phone.. and speaking of bubbly.. if she can’t find her true love in 100 days.. she’s turning into bubbles.. literally!  It’s a fun little drama starting off and certainly smexy!  If you want a lighthearted romance that’s easy on the eyes than this one could definitely be one for you to check out!

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Happy Drama Watching! :)