You know how they say try everything once before you pass judgment on it? I, for the most part hold onto that viewpoint. In Korea I’ve definitely had some experiences and tried things that I probably never would have otherwise. For example, Live Octopus (Sang-Nak-Ji).

This video was supposed to be about which restaurant to choose, and it ended up being me trying chicken feet for the first time. Lucky me.

We had ventured down to an area of town not too far from our house that looked like it had a lot of restaurants, so we thought we’d check it out. We got there to find out that it was the MECCA of chicken and beer restaurants. Seriously, if I ever want chicken and beer in the future, I now know just where to go.

The place we chose ended up being really good. Again we got lucky. We chose it because we noticed it had been sponsored by several major TV channels in Korea, and it was also packed with people. That’s always a good sign.

To my chagrin, we got a complimentary plate of chicken feet. Lucky us. I couldn’t even figure out how to eat the damn things. A lot of build up for not a lot of meat, but definitely a lot of feet.

Gotta say I prefer pig feet, though I still don’t like pig feet too much either.

Regardless, we just re-watched it right before uploading with a friend, and giggled down to our toes. Hope you enjoy it as well. ☺

Korean BBQ Deliciousness! 돼지갈비와 삼겹살! (Pork Dinner in Korea)

  • Arthea Emory

    I haven’t laughed this hard since the Spicy Noodle Challenge. You are SOOOO much more adventurous than me (I am?). When your chicken finally did come, I noticed that you get the ENTIRE chicken (neck, back, and other bits). As a tike (HA!) when my grandmother fried chicken, she would give me the neck and back pieces and serve the rest for dinner/lunch. Even in the chain restaurants (in the US) you only get wings, legs, breasts, and thighs. I LOVE THE NECK AND BACK!! Although there is little to no meat, it’s the work you put in and the season of the meat that gets down to the bones. Now as for feet…not until my body is actually in a Chi-Mek restaurant will I venture to try said delicacy. Richard…the sight gags with the chicken feet…FLOORED ME!
    You keep posting…I’ll keep watching!!!

    • hallyuback

      That’s a awfully sweet story about your grandmother. I think neither Richard nor myself ever tried the back or neck before Korea. I’m pretty sure anyways. If and/or when you ever make it to Korea, your first chi-mek experience is on me! Can’t even express how all your comments ALWAYS make me smile 😀

  • Deidre Crummitt

    I remember the first time I ever had chicken feet at a dim sim restaurant near DC. I must’ve had the most confused look on my face because this tiny elderly Chinese lady came over to my table and showed me how to eat them. They’re a lot of work, but I like them!