TOAD is getting revamped!

I’ve been watching Asian Dramas since 2005 as an avid fan of Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean Dramas.  I combined this with my then boyfriend’s passion for video journalism and On May 22, 2012 with my review of the Taiwanese drama Absolute Boyfriend (starring Jiro Wang), I started TOAD.  TOAD is short for Tuesday’s Only Asian Drama.   Tuesday seemed like a great day to put out a video as you (or at least I am) are trying to get over the Monday’s.  And, nothing cheers me up like a good asian drama.

After the initial test phase to see if anyone would be interested, on the auspicious day of September 11th, I started making TOAD review videos on a weekly basis.  I combined these with another weekly series that you may know as Top 5 Fridays.

More recently, I went on a vacation/honeymoon/get away from the cold winter weather of Korea for a few weeks with hubby to Thailand!  What a trip!  We were there for nearly three weeks and did all sorts of fab things like beach, suntan, visit Buddhist temples, look at sunsets, ride scooters, shop, eat and drink.

And, Rick and I spent plenty of time discussing Hallyu Back.  We both really love doing it!  And, we have seen more and more drama lovers just like myself find my channel on YouTube.  So we certainly want to continue to do it, but since start back in September 2012, we’ve noticed some things that could be improved.

1. Top 5 Fridays is more popular than TOADs at this point.

2. TOAD is by far more difficult to prep because of the hours of drama watching it takes to prepare to write the script.

We sat on the beach and brainstormed a few ideas and we finally came up with viable solutions for continuing TOAD with killing myself preparing it in the process.  This was important since graduate school is coming up and I am going to have lots of homework soon.. I’m assuming.

Basically, I used to watch many episodes of a drama before reviewing it for TOAD.  Now, I’m only going to review the first episode.

And, in an attempt to organize reviews, I’ve created the 3Somes.  These are not the 3Somes you are thinking they are (get your mind out of the gutter! Haha).  But instead are groups of 3 dramas that I will review in order to make an attempt to introduce themes amongst different types of drama genres.

Here’s hoping you guys like the new format, and thanks for watching and supporting Hallyu Back!  I couldn’t do it without you! *^ㅅ^*