It’s summertime in Korea (and in the northern hemisphere) and that means time for some summer lovings! 2013 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for Kdrama kissing scenes! Korea is bringing the heat and knocking down walls to keep the kisses in Korean dramas fresh. This is a delight for all of us who enjoy watching our favorite stars smooch in Korean dramas.


There are a lot of kisses that have been happening so far this year and these are some of the kisses that stood out to me. Mind you, there are many more than this. Some of you out there might have others that are more juicy and the list of ten I made here, and well.. that’s quite alright and to be expected. For me, these were the most memorable to me.

Even in this list, a few of these are a bit pathetic. For example, the ‘Cotton Candy Kiss’ in That Winter, The Wind Blows. For all the hype surrounding it, it wasn’t even a kiss! They eat cotton candy and smile at each other, but there ain’t no kissing happening. The ‘Cheating Kiss’ from When a Man Loves is a bit rough house for my taste. He grabs her, drags her down the stairs and I’m surprised she didn’t break an ankle. That isn’t how I like my mens to kiss me.

There were also some terrific kisses. Gu Family Book had the out of this world, over the top picturesque scene that, for someone like me who digs aesthetics, I loved it!

It was really hard to choose a number one. It all boiled down to the fact that, while Gu Family Book was amazing, I couldn’t put myself into the scenario. And a girls gotta dream. The whole point of watching those types of scenes, for me anyways, is to fantasize about replacing myself with the character who’s acting and being there with the person I love.

So that’s how ‘Nine..’ became my number 1. It’s playful, it’s fun, it’s kind of comedic. Neither one of the characters are taking themselves too seriously, they are just there enjoying themselves. The male character Lee Jin Wook is the man! He’s the Korean Tom Cruise (albeit in his younger Top Gun years) and almost like Brad Pitt as well. (And further, hubby thinks the female lead Jo Yoon Hee in this kissing scene is a cuty!) And I go into detail about the kissing in the video, so check it out, cuz it’s awesome!

If the first half of 2013 kissing scenes in Kdramas are this good, what are we to expect for the second half? Wow I can’t wait to find out!

The kissing list:

1. “Backstage Action Kiss” – Nine: Nine Time Travels
2. “Magical Gumiho Kiss” – Gu Family Book
3. “Cherry Blossom Kiss” – That Winter, The Wind Blows
4. “Aquatic Goodbye Kiss” – I Hear Your Voice
5. “World is watching Kiss” – Flower Boy Next Door
6. “Getting Squishy/Wet Kiss” – Jang Ok Jung
7. “Honeymoon Kiss” – Nine: Nine Time Travels
8. “I stole your man Kiss” – Jang Ok Jung
9. “Cheating Kiss” – When A Man Loves
10. “Cotton Candy Kiss” – That Winter, The Wind Blows

the bloopers

  • lovedramas30

    gu family book kiss was my number 1 it’s just so sexy and romantic in the woods, nice list steph!

  • Laura Jamison

    From what I remember, Secret Garden and My Princess had the best chemistry and kisses.

  • Nas

    I loved Gu Family Book but the kisses in NINE!!! OMGoodness! I would probably faint if I was kissed that way. Nine all the way!

  • Almia Ramos

    Agree with you, Nine kiss is the Best Ever!!!!!!

  • HL

    Came across the Nine kiss though I have not watched the drama but omg its just awesome!! Could feel my heart flutter and my stomach go all soft its just a dream kiss omo its playful and long enough and both sides actually did kiss unlike alot of dramas where one side or even both side just keep their lips shut that’s a peck on the lips, not a kiss.