One of the things pretty much ALL us drama lovers look forward to in just about any drama we watch are the smexy kissing scenes.


Whether their subtle and surprising or hot and heavy, or themed, they usually occur at a pivotal point in the drama. Unless of course the drama is Witch’s Romance and I Need Romance 3, and then there pivotal points episode.. and what’s wrong with that? Regardless these kiss scenes in Korean dramas have won the hearts of women and have helped make Korean dramas super popular internationally.

It’s not the only thing I watch dramas for tho…..

Generally speaking, the story revolves around the plot and not who can sleep with who, which is one thing I like about Korea dramas. For me when I watch television that has extreme violence, sexuality or coarse language then I start to become desensitized. It gives an unrealistic interpretation of what life is like. Not that Korean dramas are like real life.. I’m just saying.

When you have elements that are shocking in TV shows like that that you are continually exposing yourself to, then shows have to try to one-up themselves every time to keep viewership. This in part is why you have so much crap on TV these days.

Take last night for example. I was watching TV with my dad and we were having trouble finding something to watch. Put it like this: I don’t like detective or medical dramas I general across multiple cultures and that’s pretty much what was on TV. What we settled on was an old classic, black and white western show. Good clean comedy as my dad likes to say. It had a lot of humorous part with stuff blowing up and people falling down to verbal comedy where people just razzed each other in a light hearted manner. The storyline was simple and there was a formula that you don’t see in television very much anymore these days. Truth be told, it reminds me a little bit of the new Korean Drama Fated to Love You because of the obvious comedy. I just found myself thinking that I’d like to see more of that.

There were actually a bunch of kisses that didn’t make the cut in this video. I’m thinking a few of those will make it into the end of the year video for sure! You may notice that kissing scenes from I Need Romance 3 appeared more than once in this video. Plain and simple this is because I Need Romance 3 was like a woman’s romance novel. End of story.

Which kiss from this list was your favorite? Or was there a kiss that didn’t make the list that you really liked?

And as always, Happy Drama Watching! ☺

Last year’s Top 10 Best Kisses so far

10. 20 years – First Kiss
9. Angel Eyes – Blinding Kiss
8. Inspiring Generation – Don’t Die On Me Kiss
7. Bride of the Century – Did I Just Kiss Lee Hong Ki Kiss?
6. Doctor Stranger – Dramatic Rain Kiss
5. Emergency Couple – The Bus Stops Here Kiss
4. I Need Romance 3 – Remember This Kiss
3. Witch’s Romance – Drunken Cougar Kiss
2. You Who Came From The Stars – Photogenic Kiss
1. I Need Romance 3 – Romance Novel Fantasy Kiss

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  • Karen Shortell

    I loved both of these dramas, but I Need Romance 3 really was full of great kisses. I hope that the last kiss in You are all Surrounded makes your end of the year kiss. It was perfect.