It’s that MOST EXCITING time of year again.. one of my favorite videos to make anyways: the Top 10 Best Korean Dramas of 2015 as VOTED BY YOU GUYZ!!!!


For the rest of the year, the Top 5 Friday videos are always written and chosen by me. They are (obviously) influenced by my opinion and what I like, even though I always try to think about and consider what you guys would like too. So this video is extra fun for me because you guys chose what deserves to be in the video, and I also get to see how my Kdrama preferences match up with yours.

Admittedly, I sometimes do stand corrected. And I think this list is a good example of that. I was dead on correct with number 1 and 2, She Was Pretty and Kill Me, Heal Me. By my personal list (which was also only a Top 5 and not a Top 10) didn’t have Sassy Go Go, School 2015 or EXO Next Door.

All in all there were a lot of amazing dramas on this year’s list. Not sure how Korean Drama writers and producers continue to come up with interesting drama plots that turn into great dramas, but they’ve been put to the test this year with more people around the world watching them everyday, and so far they’ve come thru.

The way that Korean Dramas are going, 2016 is going to be ridiculous! And by ridiculous I mean incredibly good! They do have to knock off getting such big expectations that they cannot produce it in time. That’s something that happened this year, which I find a bit frustrating. For instance, Cheese in the Trap and Descendants of the Sun were both supposed to come out before the end of 2015, and now they are both slated to come out next year. That’s all well and good however as long as they make it so we can watch it!

What was your absolute favorite drama from 2015? Was it a Korean Drama? Was it Kill Me Heal Me? How did this list for best fan voted Korean Dramas stack up with yours? ^^

And as always: Happy Drama Watching everyone!

Full Fan-Voted List from the Video:
10. Angry Mom – 앵그리맘
9. Exo Next Door – 우리 옆집에 엑소가 산다
8. The Girl Who Sees Smells – 냄새를 보는 소녀
7. Oh My Venus – 오 마이 비너스
6. I Remember You – 너를 기억해
5. Who Are You School 2015 – 후아유 – 학교 2015
4. Sassy Go Go – 발칙하게 고고
3. Oh My Ghostess – 오 나의 귀신님
2. She Was Pretty – 그녀는 예뻤다
1. Kill Me, Heal Me – 킬미, 힐미

  • Vicky Ruiz

    Chemistry great in Oh my Venus. Just the way he looks at her and says your body is mine. It gives all fat girls hope. Didn’t care for the quick ending of She was Pretty. Siwon was hilarious! He should’ve gotten the friend. Oh my Ghostess is dragging. Lets get some heat going! Watch all this on Hulu. –